Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Network Marketing Success: Now a Formula

Network Marketing Success

For many years I wondered why some people enter the network marketing profession and, over time, make millions of dollars while others get made into mincemeat.

Was it the company that they joined? Did it lack critical business fundamentals for success?

Was it their prior level of success or lack thereof?

Was it brains? Good looks? A glib tongue?

Or, did they just get in very early?

Now I don't know exactly why or how it happens but some times ideas just pop into our heads seemingly complete. (And it's always when we are doing something else, you know, like taking a shower or doing some mundane household chore.)

One day, a few months ago, while I was just driving home from the gym, the answer to this network marketing success puzzle just came to me, almost complete, in the way of an actual formula!
So I started a series of short videos to introduce the concept. I posted them for the benefit of network marketing professionals. You can find them all here: Network Marketing Success: The Effectiveness Formula

network marketing success, mlm success formulaThe very first video fills in the question marks!

I just finished Part III: How one MLM Success Became a Million Dollar per Year Earner in just the Last Six Years! This part includes an interview with him in which he scores himself! I learned a LOT!

Check out the series and tell me if it bring crystal clarity to what YOU need to do to reach the highest levels of MLM Success.

I would enjoy your comments!


  1. Lou, great work as usual preparing this video series! Thank you for your ongoing commitment to helping optimize the chances that ordinary, 'real' people like me will have a successful MLM experience. I've described you to friends and prospects as a 'teacher', not a salesman.

    In this series, your 'Effectiveness Formula' clearly comprises the critical factors to success, makes success predictable and measurable, and has given me hope for significant success in my MLM endeavor.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!
    Tony...I Ignite!

  2. Hi Lou,

    Your blog is very interesting & you make it for people who have little knowledge about MLM very interesting.

    I noticed that we are very much into the same interests so I wanted to drop by and say hello. My name is Reginald & I am into this kind of
    business too. I also work for the Federal Govt but I look forward to retiring really soon.

    The economy is really bad these days but unbeknownst to many, they can have financial stability thru MLM. Sadly, a lot of people think most MLMs are scams. If only they they'd open their eyes & try to understand MLM & its concepts better...I'm sure they'll be on their way to financial freedom.

    I hope more people will be educated about MLMs thru your blog.

    Please Drop by my site & say hi!

    I look forward to connecting with you.


  3. I am a very firm believer in the opportunity presented by MLM. With this kind of information on our hands, it's hard not to pass it on. Let's all work together to educate the people about the financial stability offered by MLM.

    It takes only five years to get to the top. And make a hundred grand a month. I hope people see that and take advantage of it.

  4. Great portrayal! I would like to share my views regarding MLM:
    • There are multiple ways to treat marketing goals. Treat your professional cause, don't just band-aid symptoms.
    • Get to the core of your marketing and focus on what is important - your customer, offering quality and value and doing a good job.
    • We are paid equally to how much we are willing to think. Be resourceful, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Repurpose, use your online collateral multiple ways.

  5. Learning the mlm business tips from a versatile mlm mentor would make it easy and possible for each and every one to get through it and earn success in mlm easily.