Sunday, July 23, 2006

An Incredible New Resource

There is an incredible new place to learn from 40 of the sharpest network marketers, mentors, and success coaches in the world. It is called:

Every highly successful networker I know devotes him/her self to what Stephen Covey calls "Sharpening the Saw." Fact is, we all need to continually put new ideas into our minds to stay fresh and motivated. When the new information integrates with the old, it actually creates new energy that we can draw on to fuel our days with contagious enthusiasm.

What's great about TheMasterMindSessions is that they are in a format that I absolutely love - MP3 audio downloads!

Why do I love those? Well, you can instantly listen to the information right over your computer. As you listen to all of the free previews at the site, you may want to do listen to a whole one right away. The sessions are incredible. But there is something else that I like even better about MP3. You see, I just got an iPod. Maybe I am the last tech lover to do so, I don't know, but I can download any of the MP3 interviews and conversations from TheMasterMindSessions to my computer. Then, and this is the best part because I am an incredibly busy person at times, I can load it into my iPod and listen to it while I am driving somewhere. Or, even better, I can listen while jogging and exercising thus sharpening my mind and body at the same time! (Sometimes I am not sure which needs more attention.) You can also easily burn a CD to take with you if that is your preference. What's more, it's all incredibly inexpensive, unlike tape and CD sets.

In any case, my unsolicited and uncompensated recommendation to you today is, go to, more specifically, check out the Sessions page and listen to some of the previews and start sharpening the saw with this great stuff.


Founder of the new...

PS Oh, I did I forget to mention that one of the interviews and sessions stars 'Yours Truly' hittin'em right between the eyes?

PPS If you have not yet invested in my MLM The Whole Truth Special Report bundled package for only $1down, check it out here now.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

"Effortless High Performance"

I just love those words and the images they project for me.

Is it really possible to live that way?

I confess for most of my life, I believed the exact opposite - that high performance, high achievement, high accomplishment, high income, etc., come only though massive effort and massive work.

So is it really possible to live on an entirely different level? A plane in which insights, creativity, boundless energy, personal magnetism, and high achievement just flow? Naturally? Abundantly?

I am convinced the answer is an unequivocal yes. I used to wonder how some true leaders, true visionaries did it. Now that I have enjoyed that incredible experience - all be it for only two periods of time in my life, so far - I have finally become aware of what I didn't know that I didn't know in this area. Thanks to Kurt Wright.

May I make a recommendation (not a plug - I have nothing to gain) to you?

Pick up the amazing book, "Breaking the Rules - Removing the Obstacles to Effortless High Performance" by Kurt Wright. You can get it at Amazon, I downloaded the PDF at John Fogg's Blog so I could get it right away. (It was the July 4th weekend and I wanted to read it ASAP.) I then printed it out because I love to sit in a peaceful place and turn pages.

What could be better on a holiday weekend?

Monday, July 10, 2006

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