Sunday, March 15, 2009

Xango in the News. But why?

We monitor the Internet for all news that may affect network marketers and send it out in our MLM Industry News Alerts. Today, this came through:
  • Lehi-based XanGo cuts 10 percent of workers - 2nd Layoff since
    March '07 Salt Lake Tribune - Salt Lake City, UT, USA 03/13/2009
The article mentions several of the other juice companies and then makes an interesting comment, "layoffs are signs of stress in the multilevel marketing industry that generally touts itself as resistant to recessions because people who lost jobs or who are looking for more income sign up as distributors."

What do you think? Are sales of juice down for Xango because of the economy? Or should the reporter did deeper?

I would be interested in your opinion.

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