Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Network Marketing Success: Now a Formula

Network Marketing Success

For many years I wondered why some people enter the network marketing profession and, over time, make millions of dollars while others get made into mincemeat.

Was it the company that they joined? Did it lack critical business fundamentals for success?

Was it their prior level of success or lack thereof?

Was it brains? Good looks? A glib tongue?

Or, did they just get in very early?

Now I don't know exactly why or how it happens but some times ideas just pop into our heads seemingly complete. (And it's always when we are doing something else, you know, like taking a shower or doing some mundane household chore.)

One day, a few months ago, while I was just driving home from the gym, the answer to this network marketing success puzzle just came to me, almost complete, in the way of an actual formula!
So I started a series of short videos to introduce the concept. I posted them for the benefit of network marketing professionals. You can find them all here: Network Marketing Success: The Effectiveness Formula

network marketing success, mlm success formulaThe very first video fills in the question marks!

I just finished Part III: How one MLM Success Became a Million Dollar per Year Earner in just the Last Six Years! This part includes an interview with him in which he scores himself! I learned a LOT!

Check out the series and tell me if it bring crystal clarity to what YOU need to do to reach the highest levels of MLM Success.

I would enjoy your comments!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

MLM Success: High or Low Ticket Items Best?

Which best raises your chance for MLM Success?

It's interesting. I just read two opposite requests . . .

This was in a recent forum post at
  • "I Want To Join An MLM That Sells High-Ticket Items"
And, I got this emailed to me, as the editor of, this morning ...
  • "I am looking for something that is affordable for everyone and or can save them enough money that would entice people to join. Plus it has to have a good pay plan so you can make some good money with the program."
Interesting? Both say they are looking for the opposite criteria. But do they both have opposite goals?

It started me wondering about the best way to respond to my subscriber.
So I invite your comments.

Here are some starter ideas that may get you thinking:
  • Which is better, high or low ticket items, and why?

  • What do you think are the underlying goals that each is trying to achieve and will their stated criteria help them reach their goals?

  • Are there other criteria that are even more important in light of their goals?
Lou Abbott
The MLM, Network Marketing Super-Site

P.S. I appreciate your comments without blatant, one sided plugging, please.