Sunday, May 17, 2009

Review of New Gold MLM: YOUnique Wealth

From time to time, we add new company information pages to our site. We just added the latest on a gold MLM named Joseph Wealth Systems which is "transitioning" its name and image to become YOUnique Wealth with the help of "The Secret" guru, Bob Proctor.

At the same time, for the first time, we are going out on a limb by adding a new feature, our "Editorial Opinion." People have consistently asked for my opinion on companies that they were looking at. I have, until now, only given an opinion in private conversations to people who had already purchased and read my report/course: "MLM the Whole Truth." So this is our first experiment on offering a public opinion on a company.

And . . . we are indeed out on a limb a little on this one as I don't have the same opinion as Rod Cook or Bob Proctor, while I respect each of their contributions to our industry.

You can see my comments here on the YOUnique Wealth MLM.

Look for the "Editorial Opinion: Show me the Pros & Cons" link.

If you like the idea, hate the idea, like the opinion, hate the opinion, agree or disagree, leave me a comment!

I appreciate all feedback.