Thursday, January 25, 2007

Are the Juice MLMs Dead?

Yesterday, our MLM Industry News service sent out this alert to all of our subscribers:

Expose's have a way of killing a company's growth.

Bad press killed Amway's growth for years when they were dealing with the FTC in 1979. It killed NuSkin's growth in the US in 1991. Just last year, a local Florida news station did an expose' on BioPerformance that helped them get closed by the Texas Attorney General. There have been many others.

We have seen it over and over again - fair or not fair, it makes no difference. So this may be devastating news for FreeLife and Himalayan Goji Juice ...

Watch the video ... Getting Juiced by FreeLife? Canadian Broadcasting Company - Aired on January 17, 2007 ... Thousands of Canadians are drinking a new product made from a 'miraculous berry', that suggests powerful benefits. Wendy Mesley reveals the real deal behind the new craze and travels to Hollywood to pose questions to the Canadian-born nutritional guru ("Dr." Earl Mindell) involved.

Then, the February issue of Playboy magazine announced that the March, 2007 issue will include a feature article about XanGo and their Mangosteen juice product. (No. No. I know what you are thinking - No, I am not a reader - I just heard about it.)

If the adage holds true that "There is no such thing as bad publicity" then XanGo stands to get some great free publicity. But I wouldn't hold my breath about the publicity being good. We will have to see.

News reporters love to do expose's. That's what they do. Will there be more? Undoubtedly. Will the plethora of "juice" multilevel marketing companies be the target? Quite probably, if the press views them as easy targets.

Does that mean that all the juice companies will go out of business? NO, or course not. Some might, but there are a bunch of good ones with great products with loyal customers.

So what is my exact point? It is smart to understand all of the conditions that will affect your business. Bad press will affect a person's ability to build a big business. Sometimes, seriously.

Is there a way to find a company that can really stand up to close examination? ...That can stand the test of time? Is there a way to build a truly reliable, long-term, leveraged, residual income stream?

That is the question that I became obsessed with some years back. That is what my passion is. I found the answer. I found the criteria that works. And, that is what my Special Report, MLM The Whole Truth is about.

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  1. Every Great Company Will Have Critics Throwing Stones At Them. The Truly Great Companies Come Through The Battle With Their Heads Held Up And March On.